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Main Entry: 1mark
Pronunciation: primarystressmärk
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English mearc "boundary"
1 a : a noticeable object serving as a guide for travelers b : something (as a line, notch, or fixed object) designed to record position <high-water mark> c : something aimed at : TARGET d : the starting line or position in a track event e : an object of ridicule f : a standard of performance, quality, or condition <not up to the mark>
2 a : something that gives evidence of something else : SIGN, INDICATION <a mark of friendship> b : an impression (as a scar, scratch, or stain) made on a surface c : a characteristic or distinguishing trait or quality d : a cross made in place of a signature e : a written or printed symbol f : a symbol (as a brand or label) used for identification (as of ownership or quality) g : a symbol (as a number or letter) representing a teacher's estimation of the quality of work or conduct : GRADE
3 a : IMPORTANCE, DISTINCTION <stands out as a person of mark> b : a lasting or strong impression <worked at several jobs but didn't make much of a mark>
synonym see <SUP>1sign

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