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Main Entry: 1num·ber
Pronunciation: primarystressnschwam-bschwar
Function: noun
1 a : the total of persons, things, or units taken together : AMOUNT <the number of people in the room> b : the possibility of being counted <mosquitoes in swarms beyond number> c : a total that is not specified : MANY <a number of accidents occur on wet roads>
2 a : a unit belonging to a mathematical system and subject to its laws <a number divisible by 2> b plural : ARITHMETIC
3 : a quality of a word form that shows whether the word is singular or plural <a verb agrees in number with its subject>
4 a : a word, symbol, or letter used to represent a mathematical number b : a certain numeral for telling one person or thing from another or from others <a phone number>
5 : one in a series <the June number of a magazine>
6 : a musical, theatrical, or literary selection
- by the numbers
1 : all together in time to a specific count or cadence
2 : in a manner lacking freshness and individuality
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