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Main Entry: of
Pronunciation: schwav, primarystressschwav, primarystressäv
Function: preposition
1 -- used to indicate a point from which something is located <north of the lake>
2 a -- used to indicate origin <of noble birth> b -- used to indicate cause or reason <afraid of the dark> <died of flu> c : 1BY 4 <the plays of Shakespeare> d : on the part of <very kind of you>
3 a : made from <a ring of gold> b -- used to indicate contents <a cup of water> c -- used to indicate the number or amount in or making up something <a class of 20 students> <interest of 5 1/4%>
4 a -- used to indicate the whole that includes an amount or part mentioned first <most of the team> b -- used to indicate the whole or quantity from which part is removed or used <gave freely of their time>
5 a : relating to : ABOUT <stories of her adventures> b : in respect to <slow of speech> <great of heart>
6 a -- used to indicate belonging or possession <queen of France> <courage of the pioneers> b -- used to indicate relationship between a result and something upon which an operation or procedure is performed to produce it <the product of two numbers> <the solution of an equation>
7 -- used to indicate something that is removed <cured of her disease> <relieved of his command> <rid the barn of rats>
8 -- used to indicate that an example belongs to a certain class <the city of Rome>
9 -- used to indicate what a noun, verb, or adjective applies to <love of nature> <cheated of a dollar> <fond of oranges>
10 : having as a quality or possession <a thing of no importance>
11 : 2BEFORE 3 <ten minutes of eight>

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