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Main Entry: 1so
Pronunciation: (primarystress)somacr, especially before adj or adv followed by "that" sschwa
Function: adverb
1 a : in a manner or way that is indicated or suggested <do you really think so> <it so happened that all were wrong> -- often used as a substitute for a preceding clause <I didn't like it and told her so> b : in the same manner or way : ALSO <worked hard and so did we> c : 1THEN 2 <and so home and to bed>
2 a : to an indicated or suggested amount or way <had never been so happy> b : very much <I loved them so> c : to a definite but not specified amount <can only do so much in a day> d : most certainly : INDEED <you did so do it> e : most decidedly : SURELY <I so don't believe you>
3 : for a reason that has just been stated : THEREFORE <is honest and so returned the wallet>

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