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Main Entry: abĚsorb
Pronunciation: schwab-primarystresssodotrb, -primarystresszodotrb
Function: verb
1 : to take in or suck or swallow up <a sponge absorbs water> <plant roots absorb water>
2 : to hold the interest of : ENGROSS <absorbed in thought>
3 a : to receive without giving back <a sound-absorbing surface> b : to transform (radiant energy) into a different form usually with a resulting rise in temperature <the earth absorbs the sun's rays>
- abĚsorbĚabilĚiĚty /schwab-secondarystresssodotr-bschwa-primarystressbil-schwat-emacron, -secondarystresszodotr-/ noun
- abĚsorbĚable /schwab-primarystresssodotr-bschwa-bschwal, -primarystresszodotr-/ adjective
- abĚsorbĚer noun

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