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Main Entry: 1abĚstract
Pronunciation: ab-primarystressstrakt, primarystressab-secondarystressstrakt
Function: adjective
Etymology: from Latin abstractus "abstract," from earlier abstrahere "to draw away," from abs-, ab- "from, away" and trahere "to draw" --related to ATTRACT, 1TRACE, 3TRACE
1 : expressing a quality or idea without reference to an actual person or thing <"honesty" is an abstract word>
2 : difficult to understand : HARD <abstract problems>
3 : using elements of form (as color, line, or texture) with little or no attempt at creating a realistic picture <abstract art>
- abĚstractĚly /ab-primarystressstrak-(t)lemacron, primarystressab-secondarystressstrak-/ adverb
- abĚstractĚness /ab-primarystressstrak(t)-nschwas, primarystressab-secondarystressstrak(t)-/ noun

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