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Main Entry: 1ac·count
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystresskaudotnt
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English acount, accompt "the act or result of counting," from early French acunte (same meaning), from acunter (verb) "to add, count," from a- "to" and cunter "to count," from Latin computare "to count, compute" --related to COMPUTE, 1COUNT
1 : a record of money paid out and money received
2 : a statement listing purchases and credits : BILL
3 a : 1VALUE 3 <a man of little account> b : 1REGARD 2a <held in high account>
4 : 1PROFIT 1, advantage <labored to no account>
5 a : a statement of reasons, causes, or motives <gave an account of her actions> b : a statement of facts <accounts of the game> c : a reason for an action <on that account I must refuse>
6 : a sum of money deposited in a bank
synonym see NARRATIVE
- on account of : for the sake of : by reason of : BECAUSE OF
- on no account : in no circumstances

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