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Main Entry: 1bite
Pronunciation: primarystressbimacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): bit /primarystressbit/; bitĚten /primarystressbit-schwan/; bitĚing /primarystressbimacrt-ieng/
Etymology: Old English bimacrtan "to bite, grip with the teeth" --related to BEETLE
1 : to seize, grip, or cut into with or as if with teeth <bite an apple>
2 : to wound, pierce, or sting <bitten by a snake> <a mosquito bit me>
3 : to cause to smart : STING <pepper bites the mouth>
4 : to eat into <acid biting into metal>
5 : to take bait <the fish are biting>
6 : to respond to something tempting
- bite the dust : to fall dead especially in battle

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