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Main Entry: 1blow
Pronunciation: primarystressblomacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): blew /primarystressblü/; blown /primarystressblomacrn/; blow·ing
Etymology: Old English blamacrwan "to blow, to move quickly"
1 : to move or become moved especially rapidly or with power <wind blowing from the north>
2 : to send forth a strong stream of air (as from the mouth) <blow on your soup>
3 : to drive or become driven by a stream of air <trees blown down>
4 a : to make a sound or cause to sound by or as if by blowing <blow a horn> <blow a whistle> b : to project by blowing <blow a kiss>
5 a : to breathe hard or rapidly : PANT b of a whale : to force moisture-filled air out of the lungs through the blowhole
6 a : to melt when overloaded <the fuse blew> b : to cause (a fuse) to blow
7 : to open or break or tear apart by too much pressure <blew a seal> <the tire blew out>
8 : to clear by forcing air through <blew his nose>
9 : to produce or shape by the action of blown or otherwise forced air <blow bubbles> <blow glass>
10 : to shatter, burst, or destroy by explosion
11 : to spend recklessly <blew all the money in one day>
12 a : 1BOTCH b : to lose or miss (as an opportunity) especially through clumsiness <blew my chance>

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