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Main Entry: 1OK
Variant(s): or okay /omacr-primarystresskamacr/
Function: adverb or adjective
Etymology: an abbreviation of oll korrect, an altered form of all correct
Word History In the late 1830s Boston newspapers were filled with abbreviations. Abbreviation was apparently the fashion at that time. Any phrase might be shortened. The fad even went so far as to produce abbreviations for intentional misspellings. Such popular expressions as N.G. (no go) and A.R. (all right) gave way to K.G. (know go) and O.W. (oll wright). The abbreviation O.K. stood for oll korrect, a deliberate misspelling of all correct. Several of these abbreviated misspellings became popular for a time, but O.K. was the only one to gain a lasting place in the language.

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