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Main Entry: Tory
Pronunciation: primarystresstomacrr-emacron, primarystresstodotr-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural Tories
Etymology: from tomacrraidhe, a word in Irish Gaelic, the original language of Ireland, meaning "robber, pursued man"
2 : an American on the side of the British during the American Revolution
- Tory adjective
Word History In the 17th century, many of the Irish had their property taken from them by the English. Some of them lived by plundering English settlements and robbing English soldiers. Such an outlaw was called a tomacrraidhe in Gaelic, an early language of Ireland. This word literally meant "one who is pursued" and "robber." Later, this term was also applied to an armed Irish supporter of the Roman Catholic faith. In English the word was shortened to Tory and was used for a member of the conservative political party in England. Tories strongly supported the authority of the monarch. During the American Revolution, the term Tory was used for an American who supported British authority rather than independence.

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