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Main Entry: abĚsoĚlute
Pronunciation: primarystressab-sschwa-secondarystresslüt, secondarystressab-sschwa-primarystresslüt
Function: adjective
1 a : free from imperfection : PERFECT b : free or nearly free from mixture : PURE <absolute alcohol>
2 : free from restraint or limitation <absolute power> <an absolute monarch>
3 : having no exceptions <an absolute requirement> <absolute freedom>
4 : free from doubt : CERTAIN <absolute proof>
5 a : independent of standards of measurement that reflect individual choice : ACTUAL <absolute brightness of a star> <absolute motion> b : relating to or coming from the basic units of length, mass, and time <absolute electric units> c : relating to the absolute-temperature scale <10° absolute>
- abĚsoĚluteĚness /-secondarystresslüt-nschwas, -primarystresslüt-/ noun

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