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Main Entry: agree
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystressgremacron
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): agreed; agreeˇing
Etymology: Middle English agreen "admit, accept," from early French agreer (same meaning), from a- "to, toward" and gre "will, pleasure," derived from Latin gratus "pleasing, thankful, agreeable" --related to GRACE
1 : to give one's approval : CONSENT <agree to a plan>
2 : ADMIT 1b, concede <all agreed they had been wrong>
3 : to be alike : CORRESPOND <both copies agree>
4 : to get along well
5 : to come to an understanding <agree on a price>
6 : to be fitting, pleasing, or healthful : SUIT <the climate agrees with you>
7 : to be alike or correspond grammatically in gender, number, case, or person <a verb should agree with its subject>

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