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Main Entry: amˇaˇteur
Pronunciation: primarystressam-schwa-secondarystresstschwar, -schwat-schwar, -schwa-secondarystresst(y)udot(schwa)r, -schwa-chudot(schwa)r, -schwa-chschwar
Function: noun
Etymology: from French amateur "one who admires or is devoted to something," derived from Latin amare "to love" --related to AMOROUS
1 : a person who takes part in an activity (as a study or sport) for pleasure and not for pay
2 : a person who engages in something without experience or skill <mistakes made only by an amateur>
- amateur adjective
- amˇaˇteurˇish /secondarystressam-schwa-primarystresstschwar-ish, -primarystresst(y)udot(schwa)r-ish/ adjective
- amˇaˇteurˇishˇly adverb
- amˇaˇteurˇishˇness noun

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