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Main Entry: 1ben·e·fit
Pronunciation: primarystressben-schwa-secondarystressfit
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English benefet, benefit "good deed," derived from Latin bene factum (same meaning), from bene factus, past participle of bene facere "to do good," from bene "well" (akin to bonus "good") and facere "to do, make" --related to BONUS, FASHION
1 a : something that does good to a person or thing <the benefits of fresh air and sunshine> b : useful aid : HELP <had to perform without the benefit of a rehearsal>
2 a : money paid at death or when sick, retired, or unemployed (as by an insurance company or public agency) b : something (as health insurance or vacation time) provided to a worker by an employer in addition to pay
3 : an entertainment or social event to raise funds for a person or cause

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