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Main Entry: 1block
Pronunciation: primarystressbläk
Function: noun
1 a : a solid piece of material (as stone or wood) usually with one or more flat sides <building blocks> b : a hollow rectangular piece of material (as of glass or concrete) used for building <cinder block>
2 a : a piece of wood on which condemned persons are beheaded b : a mold or support on which something is shaped or displayed c : the molded part that contains the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine
3 a : OBSTACLE b : the act of slowing down or stopping an opponent's play in sports c : interruption of normal function of bodily processes <a heart block>; also : interruption especially of train of thought <a mental block>
4 : a wooden or metal case for one or more pulleys
5 : a number of things forming a group or unit <a block of seats>
6 : a large building divided into separate units <an apartment block>
7 a : a usually rectangular space enclosed by streets b : the length of the side of such a block <three blocks south>
8 : a stand for something to be sold at auction
9 : a hand-carved piece of material from which copies are to be printed

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