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Main Entry: 2bear
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): bore /primarystressbomacr(schwa)r, primarystressbodot(schwa)r/; borne /primarystressbomacr(schwa)rn, primarystressbodot(schwa)rn /; also born /primarystressbodot(schwa)rn/; bear·ing
Etymology: Old English beran "to carry, support"
1 a : to move while holding up and supporting : CARRY <the right to bear arms> <arrived bearing gifts> b : to hold in the mind <bear a grudge> c : BEHAVE 1 <bore himself like a gentleman> d : to give as testimony <bear false witness> e : to have as a feature or characteristic <bears marks of suffering> <bore a resemblance to her aunt>
2 a : to give birth to <bear children> <the baby was born last week> b : to bring forth : PRODUCE <bear fruit>
3 a : to hold up : SUPPORT b : to put up with : STAND <I can't bear the suspense> c : ASSUME 1 <bore the costs> <bear the blame>
4 : to push down on : PRESS <bears down on her pencil>
5 : to move or lie in an indicated direction <bear right at the fork in the road>
6 a : to have a relation to the matter at hand <facts bearing on the question> b : to exercise force or influence <bring pressure to bear>
- bear in mind : to think of especially as a warning : REMEMBER
- bear with : to be indulgent or patient with

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