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Main Entry: 1botĚtom
Pronunciation: primarystressbät-schwam
Function: noun
1 a : the undersurface of something b : a supporting surface or part : BASE c : BUTTOCK 2a, rump
2 : the surface on which a body of water lies
3 a : the part of a ship's hull lying below the water b : 1BOAT 1, ship
4 : the lowest part, place, or point <the bottom of the page>
5 : the part of a garment worn on the lower part of the body; especially : the trousers of pajamas -- usually used in plural
6 : lowland along a river <the Mississippi River bottoms>
7 : the most basic or central part : HEART <get to the bottom of the problem>
8 : the last half of an inning of baseball
- botĚtomed /-schwamd/ adjective
- at bottom : REALLY 1 <no manners, but good-hearted at bottom>

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