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Main Entry: 1burn
Pronunciation: primarystressbschwarn
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): burned /primarystressbschwarnd, primarystressbschwarnt /; or burnt /primarystressbschwarnt/; burn·ing
1 : to be or set on fire
2 a : to feel hot or inflamed <the burning sand> b : to become excited <burn with anger> c : 1SCORCH 1 <burned the toast> d : to appear as if on fire : GLOW <leave a light burning in the window> e : to destroy by fire <burn trash> f : to use as fuel <this furnace burns gas> <your body burns food>
3 a : to produce by the action of fire or heat <burn a hole in the rug> b : to record data or music on a disk using a laser <burn a CD>
4 : to injure or change by or as if by fire or heat <burn out a bearing>
5 : to suffer sunburn <she burns easily>
- burn·able /primarystressbschwar-nschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- burn·ing·ly /-nieng-lemacron/ adverb

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