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Main Entry: 1cast
Pronunciation: primarystresskast
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): cast; cast·ing
1 a : 1THROW 1a, toss <cast a stone> b : to throw a fishing line c : 1DIRECT 3 <cast a glance> d : to place as if by throwing <cast doubt on their honesty> e : to deposit formally <cast a ballot> f : to throw off, out, or away <the horse cast a shoe> <a snake casts its skin>
2 a : COMPUTE b : to arrange into parts or into a proper form <cast the story in the form of a letter>
3 : to assign parts to actors <cast a play>
4 : to shape a substance by pouring it in liquid or very soft form into a mold and letting it harden without pressure <cast steel> <cast machine parts>
- cast lots : to draw lots to determine a matter by chance

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