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Main Entry: 1charge
Pronunciation: primarystresschärj
Function: noun
1 a : the amount (as of ammunition or fuel) needed to load or fill something b : a quantity of electricity <an electric charge>
2 a : a task, duty, or order given to a person : OBLIGATION b : the work or duty of managing <has charge of the building> c : a person or thing given to another person to look after
3 : an instruction, command, or explanation based on authority <a judge's charge to the jury>
4 a : the price demanded especially for a service b : an amount listed as a debt on an account
5 : a claim of wrongdoing : ACCUSATION <a charge of burglary>
6 a : a rush to attack an enemy : ASSAULT <the charge of the army> b : the signal for attack <sound the charge> c : a usually illegal rush into an opponent in various sports (as basketball)
synonym see PRICE
- in charge : having control of or responsibility for something <in charge of the training program>

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