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Main Entry: cheap
Pronunciation: primarystresschemacronp
Function: adjective
Etymology: from earlier obsolete cheap (noun) "bargain," from Old English cemacronap "trade" --related to 3CHAP
1 a : available at low cost or at less than the true value <potatoes are cheap right now> b : of low price <always buys the cheapest brand> c : charging low prices <always wants to go to a cheap place>
2 : gained with little effort <a cheap victory>
3 a : of low quality or value <cheap material wears out quickly> <a cheap joke> b : lowered in one's own opinion <feel cheap> c : STINGY 1 <don't be so cheap>
- cheap adverb
- cheapĚen /primarystresschemacron-pschwan/ verb
- cheapĚly adverb
- cheapĚness noun

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