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Main Entry: 1clear
Pronunciation: primarystresskli(schwa)r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English clere "clear, bright," from early French cler (same meaning), from Latin clarus "clear, bright" --related to CLAIRVOYANCE, DECLARE
1 a : shining brightly : LUMINOUS <clear sunlight> b : free from clouds, haze, dust, or mist <a clear day> c : free from trouble : SERENE <a clear gaze>
2 a : free of blemishes <a clear complexion> b : easily seen through : TRANSPARENT <clear glass>
3 : easily heard, seen, or understood <a clear voice> <the meaning was clear>
4 : free from doubt : SURE <a clear understanding of the issue>
5 : free from guilt : INNOCENT <a clear conscience>
6 : free from restriction or entanglement <a clear profit> <the coast is clear>
- clear·ness noun

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