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Main Entry: 1col·or
Pronunciation: primarystresskschwal-schwar
Function: noun
1 a : an aspect of light (as red, brown, or gray) or sight that allows one to tell otherwise identical objects apart from each other <the color of blood is red> b : the property of objects and light sources that may be described in terms of hue, lightness, and chromatic purity for objects and hue, brightness, and chromatic purity for light sources <the sky's changing color> c : a particular combination of hue, lightness or brightness, and chromatic purity <the car comes in six colors> d : a color other than black, white, or gray
2 : an outward and often deceiving appearance <her story has the color of truth>
3 a : COMPLEXION 1; especially : a healthy complexion b : 2BLUSH 2
4 : the use or combination of colors <a painter who is a master of color>
5 plural a : an identifying flag, badge, or pennant <a ship sailing under Swedish colors> b : service in the armed forces <a call to the colors> c : true nature <showed his colors during the crisis>
6 : VITALITY 3b, 1interest 4b <her comments added color to the broadcast>
7 : something used to give color : PIGMENT
8 : skin pigmentation other than white that is characteristic of race

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