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Main Entry: 1comĚmon
Pronunciation: primarystresskäm-schwan
Function: adjective
1 : relating or belonging to or used by everyone : PUBLIC <work for the common good>
2 : belonging to or shared by two or more individuals or by the members of a group or set <a common ancestor> <all points common to two intersecting circles>
3 a : WIDESPREAD 1, general <facts of common knowledge> b : ADEQUATE <common decency>
4 : occurring or appearing frequently : FAMILIAR <a common sight>
5 : not above the average in rank, merit, or social position <a common soldier> <the common people>
6 a : falling below ordinary standards : SECOND-RATE b : COARSE 5, vulgar
- comĚmonĚly adverb
- comĚmonĚness /-schwan-nschwas/ noun

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