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Main Entry: 1cor·rect
Pronunciation: kschwa-primarystressrekt
Function: verb
1 a : to make or set right b : COUNTERACT, NEUTRALIZE c : to alter or adjust so as to bring to some standard or required condition
2 a : 1REBUKE, PUNISH b : to indicate the faults or errors of and show how they can be made right <correct a student's composition>
- cor·rect·able /-primarystressrek-tschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- cor·rec·tor /-primarystressrek-tschwar/ noun
synonyms CORRECT, RECTIFY, AMEND mean to make right. CORRECT suggests doing something that removes mistakes or merely points them out <teachers correct tests>. RECTIFY suggests changing something to make it accurate or to bring it under proper control <rectified the crowded conditions by building a new school>. AMEND suggests improving or restoring by making changes <amend the sentence so that it makes sense>.

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