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Main Entry: 1crack
Pronunciation: primarystresskrak
Function: verb
1 a : to break or cause to break with a sudden sharp sound : SNAP b : to make or cause to make such a sound <crack a whip>
2 : to break with or without complete separation of parts <the ice cracked in several places>
3 : to tell especially in a clever or witty way <crack jokes>
4 a : to lose control under pressure -- often used with up b : to fail in tone <her voice cracked> c : to give or receive a sharp blow <cracked my head>
5 a : to puzzle out : SOLVE <crack a code> b : to break into or through <crack a safe> <crack the sound barrier>
6 a : to put hydrocarbons through cracking <crack petroleum> b : to produce by cracking <cracked gasoline>

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