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Main Entry: 1cut
Pronunciation: primarystresskschwat
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): cut; cut·ting
1 a : to penetrate or divide with or as if with an edged tool (as a knife) <cut my finger> <cutting and pasting colored paper> <cut the pie> b : to function as an edged tool <be careful -- that glass will cut> <this old knife won't cut anymore> c : to be able to be cut <cheese cuts easily>
2 : to experience the growth of through the gum <the baby is cutting teeth>
3 : to hurt the feelings of <the remark cut me>
4 a : 1TRIM 3a <cut your hair> b : 2MOW 1 <cut the grass> c : DISSOLVE 2 <a detergent cuts grease>
5 : to make smaller <cut costs>
6 : to remove with or as if with a knife <cut a piece of ham> <cut two players from the team>
7 a : to go straight rather than around <cut across the backyard> b : INTERSECT 1, cross <lines cutting other lines> c : to make a quick change of direction <go out 10 steps, then cut right and I'll throw you a pass> <the camera cuts to the crowd in the street>
8 : to divide a deck of cards
9 : to cause to stop <cut the nonsense> <cut the engine>
10 : 1SNUB 2 <cut a former friend>
11 : to fail to attend <cut a class>
12 a : to make or shape with or as if with an edged tool <farmers cut clearings out of the wilderness> <cut a diamond> b : to record sounds on <cut a record>
13 : to give the appearance of <cuts a fine figure>
14 : to advance by skipping or going around another <cut to the front of the line>
- cut both ways : to have good and bad implications
- cut corners : to do something the easiest or cheapest way
- cut ice : to be important <that's not going to cut any ice with the kids>
- cut it : to meet the necessary requirements for success

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