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Main Entry: 1dead
Pronunciation: primarystressded
Function: adjective
1 : deprived of life : no longer alive
2 a : having the appearance of death : DEATHLY <in a dead faint> b : 1NUMB 1 c : very tired <the trip was really tiring; I'm dead> d : not reacting : INSENSITIVE <dead to pity> e : burned out : grown cold <dead coals>
3 a : not naturally having life : INANIMATE <dead matter> b : no longer producing or functioning <dead battery>
4 a : no longer in use or effect : OBSOLETE <dead language> b : no longer active : EXTINCT <dead volcano> c : not lively <dead party> d : lacking in commercial activity : QUIET e : lacking spring <dead tennis ball> f : being out of action or out of use <a dead telephone line> g : being out of play <a dead ball>
5 : not running or circulating : STAGNANT <dead air>
6 a : absolutely uniform <the dead level of the prairie> b : UNERRING, EXACT <a dead shot> <dead center of the target> c : being sudden and complete <a dead stop>
- deadĚness noun
- over one's dead body : only by overcoming one's utter and determined resistance

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