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Main Entry: de·clare
Pronunciation: di-primarystresskla(schwa)r, -primarystresskle(schwa)r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): de·clared; de·clar·ing
Etymology: Middle English declaren "to make clear, make known," from early French declarer (same meaning), from Latin declarare "to make clear," from de- "from" and clarare "to make clear," from clarus "clear, bright" --related to CLEAR
1 : to make known openly or officially <declare war>
2 : to state strongly <declared his innocence>
3 : to make a full statement of (taxable property or items on which duty must be paid)
synonym see ASSERT
- de·clar·a·to·ry /-primarystressklar-schwa-secondarystresstomacrr-emacron, -secondarystresstodotr-/ adjective
- de·clar·er noun

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