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Main Entry: 1dig
Pronunciation: primarystressdig
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): dug /primarystressdschwag/; dig·ging
1 a : to turn up the soil (as with a spade or hoe) b : to hollow out or form by removing earth <dig a hole> <dig a cellar>
2 : to uncover or search by or as if by turning up earth <dig potatoes> <dig for gold> <dig through books for information>
3 : FIND OUT <dig up the facts>
4 : 1PROD 1, poke <dig a person in the ribs>
5 a : to pay attention to : NOTICE <dig that hat> b : UNDERSTAND 1a <you dig me?> c : 1LIKE 1 <really digs music>
- dig·ger noun

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