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Main Entry: 1dip
Pronunciation: primarystressdip
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): dipped; dipĚping
1 : to sink or push briefly into or as if into a liquid <dip a towel in water> <dips a hand into his pocket>
2 : to lift out with something that holds liquid : LADLE <dip water from a pail>
3 : to lower and then raise again <dip a flag in salute>
4 a : to drop down into a liquid and quickly come out <oars dipping rhythmically> b : to put something for treatment under the surface of a liquid
5 a : to drop down or out of sight <the road dipped below the crest> b : to decrease somewhat usually for a short time <prices dipped>
6 : to reach down inside or as if inside especially to take out a part of the contents <dipped into their savings>
7 : to look at or consider something briefly; especially : to read a little of something <dip into a book>

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