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Main Entry: 1dirty
Pronunciation: primarystressdschwart-emacron
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): dirt·i·er; -est
1 : not clean <dirty clothes> <dirty air>
2 : UNFAIR 1, dishonorable <a dirty trick>
3 : INDECENT, VULGAR <dirty jokes>
4 : disagreeable or objectionable but usually necessary (as in achieving a desired result) <had to scrub the floor and do other dirty work>
5 : STORMY 1 <dirty weather>
6 : not clear in color : DULL <a dirty red>
7 : showing dislike or anger <a dirty look>
- dirt·i·ly /primarystressdschwart-schwal-emacron/ adverb
- dirt·i·ness /primarystressdschwart-emacron-nschwas/ noun
synonyms DIRTY, FILTHY, FOUL, SQUALID mean being especially unclean. DIRTY is a general word used to describe anything covered with dirt <children who were dirty after playing>. FILTHY stresses the fact that the dirt has been building up and is really unpleasant <a filthy kitchen floor covered with grease>. FOUL adds to FILTHY the idea that something is rotten or stinking <a foul garbage dump>. SQUALID suggests that the dirtiness is the result of carelessness and neglect <squalid slums>.

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