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Main Entry: 1do
Pronunciation: (primarystress)dü
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): did /(primarystress)did/; done /primarystressdschwan/; do·ing /primarystressdü-ieng/; does /(primarystress)dschwaz/
Etymology: Old English domacrn "to cause to happen, perform"
1 a : to cause (as an act or action) to happen : CARRY OUT, PERFORM <do me a favor> b : 2ACT 3, behave <do as I say>
2 a : to work at <what one does for a living> b : to take suitable action on <do your homework> <do the dishes> c : 1SET 11 <have my hair done> d : DECORATE 1 <did the bedroom in blue>
3 : to make progress <does well in school>
4 : to act so as to bring : RENDER <sleep will do you good>
5 : to come to the end of : FINISH <turn out the light when you are done>
6 : to put forth : EXERT <did your best to win>
7 a : to travel a distance of <did 500 miles that day> b : to travel at a speed of <doing 55 miles per hour on the turnpike>
8 : 1SERVE 1d <did five years for armed robbery>
9 a : to serve the purpose <half of that will do> b : to be fitting or proper <it won't do to be late>
10 -- used as a helping verb (1) before the subject in an interrogative sentence <do you play the piano?>, (2) in a negative statement <I do not know>, (3) for emphasis <you do know>, and (4) as a substitute for a preceding verb <you work harder than I do>
- do away with
1 : to put an end to : get rid of : ABOLISH
2 : 1KILL 1
- do the trick : to give or have a desired result

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