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Main Entry: 1end
Pronunciation: primarystressend
Function: noun
1 a : the part at the boundary of an area b : a point that marks the limit of something or the point where something no longer exists <there is no end to your generosity> <the end of the month> c : the last part lengthwise : TIP
2 a : the stopping of a process or activity b : DEATH 1, destruction <came to a horrible end>
3 : something left over : REMNANT
4 : GOAL 2, purpose
5 : a football lineman whose position is at the end of the line
6 : a phase of an undertaking <the advertising end of the business>
- end·ed /primarystressen-dschwad/ adjective
- in the end : AFTER ALL <will surely succeed in the end>
- on end : without interruption <it rained for days on end>

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