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Main Entry: en·ter
Pronunciation: primarystressent-schwar
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): en·tered; en·ter·ing /primarystressent-schwa-rieng, primarystressen-trieng/
1 : to go or come in or into <enter a room>
2 : PENETRATE 1b, pierce <the needle enters the skin at an angle>
3 : to cause to be admitted to : ENROLL <enter a child in kindergarten>
4 a : to become a member of b : to take part in : JOIN <enter a race> <enter into a discussion>
5 : to make a beginning <enter into business>
6 : to take possession <entered upon their inheritance>
7 a : to set down in a book or list <entered my name on the roster> b : to put in or into : INSERT <enter data into the computer program>
8 : to place formally before a legal authority (as a court) <enter a complaint>
- en·ter·able /primarystressent-schwa-rschwa-bschwal, primarystressen-trschwa-/ adjective

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