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Main Entry: en·vi·ron·ment
Pronunciation: in-primarystressvimacr-rschwan-mschwant, -primarystressvimacr(-schwa)rn-
Function: noun
1 : SURROUNDINGS <living in a rural environment>
2 : the surrounding conditions or forces that influence or modify: as a : the whole complex of factors (as soil, climate, and living things) that influence the form and the ability to survive of a plant or animal or ecological community b : the social and cultural conditions that influence the life of a person or human community <an unhappy home environment>
- en·vi·ron·men·tal /-secondarystressvimacr-rschwan-primarystressment-schwal, -secondarystressvimacr(-schwa)rn-/ adjective
- en·vi·ron·men·tal·ly /-schwal-emacron/ adverb

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