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Main Entry: etˇyˇmolˇoˇgy
Pronunciation: secondarystresset-schwa-primarystressmäl-schwa-jemacron
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -gies
Etymology: Latin etymologia "etymology," from Greek etymon "true meaning of a word" and Greek -logia "study, science," from etymos "true" and logos "word, reason"
: the history of a word shown by tracing it or its parts back to the earliest known forms and meanings both in its own language and any other language from which it or its parts may have been taken
- etˇyˇmoˇlogˇiˇcal /-mschwa-primarystressläj-i-kschwal/ adjective
- etˇyˇmoˇlogˇiˇcalˇly /-primarystressläj-i-k(schwa-)lemacron/ adverb
- etˇyˇmolˇoˇgist /-primarystressmäl-schwa-jschwast/ noun

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