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Main Entry: 1ex·cuse
Pronunciation: ik-primarystressskyüz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): ex·cused; ex·cus·ing
1 : to make apology for <excused myself for being late>
2 : to overlook or dismiss as of little importance <excuse a mistake>
3 a : to release from doing something <excused the class from homework> b : to allow to leave <excused the sick student from class>
4 : to be an acceptable reason for : JUSTIFY <nothing excuses bad manners>
- ex·cus·able /-primarystressskyü-zschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- ex·cus·ably /-blemacron/ adverb
- ex·cus·er noun
synonyms EXCUSE, CONDONE, PARDON, FORGIVE mean to demand neither punishment nor payment in return for a loss or wrong. EXCUSE suggests overlooking a fault or error by not criticizing or punishing the one responsible <excused them for being late>. CONDONE suggests accepting without protest a blameworthy act or condition <does not condone cheating on taxes>. PARDON suggests the freeing from a penalty that is due <the governor pardoned the convicted criminals>. FORGIVE suggests giving up feelings of resentment and the desire for revenge <forgave the students who had been mean to her>.

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