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Main Entry: 1eye
Pronunciation: primarystressimacr
Function: noun
1 a : an organ of sight; especially : a rounded hollow organ that is filled with a jellylike material, is lined with a sensitive retina, and is located in a bone-lined cavity in the skull of a vertebrate b : all the visible parts (as the eyelids) within and surrounding the bone-lined cavity
2 a : ability to see or appreciate <a good eye for painting> b : 2GLANCE 3 <cast an eager eye> c : close attention or observation <keep an eye on it> d : JUDGMENT 1 <guilty in the eyes of the law>
3 : something like or suggestive of an eye: as a : the hole through the head of a needle b : a loop to catch or receive a hook c : an undeveloped bud (as on a potato) d : a device (as a photoelectric cell) that functions somewhat like human vision
4 : the center of something <the eye of a hurricane>
- eyed /primarystressimacrd/ adjective
- eyeˇless /primarystressimacr-lschwas/ adjective
- eyeˇlike /-secondarystresslimacrk/ adjective
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