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Main Entry: 1fall
Pronunciation: primarystressfodotl
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): fell /primarystressfel/; fall·en /primarystressfodot-lschwan/; fall·ing
1 a : to come or go down freely by the force of gravity b : to hang freely <hair falling over her shoulders> c : to drop oneself to a lower position <fell to their knees> d : to come as if by dropping down <night fell>
2 a : to become of lower degree or level <the temperature fell 10°> b : to become lowered <his eyes fell>
3 a : to topple from an upright position suddenly <slipped and fell on the ice> b : to enter blindly : STRAY <fell into a trap> c : to drop down wounded or dead <soldiers who have fallen in battle> d : to become captured or defeated <the fortress fell> e : to experience ruin or failure <our plans fell through>
4 : to fail to live up to a standard of conduct
5 a : to move or extend downward <the ground falls away to the east> b : to become less in amount or degree : DIMINISH <the tide is falling> c : to become less in quality, activity, quantity, or value <prices fell> d : to take on a look of shame or low spirits <my face fell when I lost>
6 a : to occur at a certain time <my birthday falls on a Tuesday> b : to come by chance c : to pass (as a responsibility) from one person to another <it fell to us to break the news> d : to have the proper place or station <the accent falls on the second syllable>
7 : to come within the range of something <falls under her responsibilities>
8 : to pass from one condition of body or mind to another <fall ill> <fall asleep>
9 : to set about with enthusiasm or activity <fell to work>
- fall flat : to produce no response or result
- fall for
1 : to fall in love with
2 : to become a victim of <we fell for the trick>
- fall from grace : to lapse morally : SIN, BACKSLIDE
- fall short
1 : to be lacking
2 : to fail to reach a desired goal

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