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Main Entry: 1flat
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): flatĚter; flatĚtest
1 : having a smooth level surface <flat ground>
2 : having a smooth even surface
3 : spread out on or along a surface <was flat on the ground>
4 : having a broad smooth surface and little thickness <shoes with flat heels>
5 : ABSOLUTE 3, downright <a flat refusal>
6 : FIXED 1b, unchanging <charge a flat rate>
7 : 2EXACT 1 <in two minutes flat>
8 a : lacking in interest or flavor : DULL, INSIPID <a flat story> <the stew tastes flat> b : lacking bubbles or sparkle <flat ginger ale> c : lacking any rise or decline <sales were flat>
9 : being deflated -- used of tires
10 a : lower than the true pitch b : lower by a half step <tone of A flat>
11 : free from gloss <flat paint>
synonym see LEVEL
- flatĚly adverb
- flatĚness noun

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