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Main Entry: 1foot
Pronunciation: primarystressfudott
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural feet /primarystressfemacront /; also foot
1 a : the end part of the leg below the ankle of a vertebrate animal b : an organ upon which an invertebrate animal stands or moves; especially : a bottom muscular part of a mollusk
2 : a unit of length equal to 1/3 yard or 12 inches (0.3048 meter) <a 10-foot pole> <six feet tall> -- see MEASURE table
3 : the basic unit of verse meter made up of a group of accented and unaccented syllables
4 : something resembling an animal's foot in position or use or in being opposite the head <the foot of a mountain> <the foot of a bed>
- on foot
1 : by walking <went on foot>
2 : UNDER WAY 2 <an investigation was set on foot>
- on one's feet
1 : in a standing position
2 : in an established position or state
3 : in a recovered condition (as from illness) <back on my feet>
4 : while in action <good debaters can think on their feet>

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