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Main Entry: 1free
Pronunciation: primarystressfremacron
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): freˇer /primarystressfremacron-schwar/; freˇest /primarystressfremacron-schwast/
1 a : having liberty : not being a slave <free citizens> b : not controlled by others : INDEPENDENT <a free country> <a free press>
2 a : released or not suffering from something unpleasant or painful <free from worry> <free from disease> b : not bound or contained by or as if by force <you are free to leave>
3 : having nothing that must be done instead <I'm free tomorrow night>
4 a : not blocked : CLEAR <free space> b : not being used or occupied <free time> <free memory in the computer>
5 : not fastened <put the free end of the tube in the water>
6 : not cheap : GENEROUS <a free spender>
7 : not costing or charging anything <free tickets>
8 : not held back by fear or distrust : OPEN <free expression of opinion>
9 : not combined with something else <free oxygen>
10 : able to be used alone as a meaningful unit of language <the word "hats" is a free form>
11 : not restricted by or limited to the usual forms <children are freer and more imaginative than adults in writing> <speech is freer than writing>
- freeˇly adverb

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