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Main Entry: frus·trate
Pronunciation: primarystressfrschwas-secondarystresstramacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): frus·trat·ed; frus·trat·ing
1 : to prevent from carrying out a purpose <tried to frustrate his opponents in their efforts>
2 : to bring to nothing <the accident frustrated the plan>
synonyms FRUSTRATE, THWART, FOIL, OUTWIT mean to check or defeat another's plan or prevent achievement of a goal. FRUSTRATE suggests the causing of failure despite determined or repeated efforts <lack of education frustrated him in his attempt to find a job>. THWART suggests checking another's plan by deliberately opposing it <at every turn they were thwarted by the enemy>. FOIL suggests checking or defeating that discourages further attempts <went out of business after every effort to raise money was foiled by poor credit>. OUTWIT suggests the use of slyness or cunning to defeat others <outwitted the waiting reporters by leaving from the roof in a helicopter>.

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