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Main Entry: 1full
Pronunciation: primarystressfudotl
Function: adjective
1 : containing as much or as many as possible or normal <a bottle full of milk> <the disk is full and will take no more data>
2 a : complete in number, amount, or duration <a full set of dishes> <for a full hour> b : not missing any essentials : PERFECT <in full control of the car> c : being at the highest or greatest degree <in full bloom> <at full power> <full strength> d : fully lighted <the moon is full> e : completely occupied by runners <come to bat with the bases full> f : having three balls and two strikes <a full count>
3 a : plump and rounded in outline <a full face> b : having much material <a full skirt>
4 : possessing or containing a great number or amount <a room full of pictures> <full of hope>
5 : satisfied especially with food or drink
6 : having the same parents <full sisters>
7 : completely taken up especially with a thought or plan <full of one's own concerns> <full of oneself>
8 : having a rich quality <a full voice>
- full·ness noun
- full of it : not to be believed

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