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Main Entry: gaze
Pronunciation: primarystressgamacrz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): gazed; gaz·ing
: to fix the eyes in a steady intent look
- gaze noun
- gaz·er noun
synonyms GAZE, GAPE, STARE, GLARE mean to fix one's eyes on something for a long time. GAZE suggests looking steadily at something in wonder, admiration, or absentmindedness <gazing at the moon>. GAPE suggests an open-mouthed, often stupid, wonder <toddlers gaping at strangers>. STARE suggests a wide-eyed, often curious, rude, or vacant, gaze <people were staring at the couple who were arguing>. GLARE suggests fierce or angry staring <the speaker glared at the people talking>.

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