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Main Entry: 1give
Pronunciation: primarystressgiv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): gave /primarystressgamacrv/; giv·en /primarystressgiv-schwan/; giv·ing
1 : to make a present of <gave me a book>
2 a : 1GRANT 2, bestow b : to make a donation <give blood> <we already gave at the office> c : to grant or yield to another <gave her trust to her friend>
3 a : to put into the possession or keeping of another <give me the letter to mail> b : to offer to another : PROFFER <gave his hand to the visitor> c : 1PAY 1 <wouldn't give a penny for that bike>
4 a : to present in public performance <give a concert> b : to present to view <gave the signal to start>
5 : to provide by way of entertainment <give a party>
6 : to point out or set aside as a share or portion <gave their daughter half of their estate>
7 : to indicate the source or cause of <gave all the glory to her mother>
8 : to form, make, or yield as a product or result <cows give milk> <84 divided by 12 gives 7>
9 a : to deliver by some bodily action <gave me a push> b : to carry out a movement : PERFORM <gave a sudden leap> c : PRONOUNCE 1 <give judgment>
10 : to offer for consideration or acceptance <gives no reason for his absence>
11 : to apply fully : DEVOTE <gave herself to the cause>
12 : to cause to have <gave pleasure to the reader>
13 : to yield or collapse under force or pressure <the box gave under his foot>
- giv·er noun
- give birth : to have a baby
- give birth to : to bring forth : BEAR
- give rise to : to be the cause or source of : PRODUCE
- give the lie to : to show to be false
- give way
1 : 2RETREAT 1
2 : to lose control of oneself <gave way to tears at the sad news>
synonyms GIVE, PRESENT, DONATE mean to hand over to someone without expecting something in return. GIVE can be used of anything that is delivered in any way <give me those cups> <give a gift to a friend>. PRESENT suggests that something is given with some ceremony <presented a trophy to the winner>. DONATE suggests giving to a charity or for the public good <donated new uniforms for the school band>.

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