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Main Entry: 1good
Pronunciation: primarystressgudotd
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): betĚter /primarystressbet-schwar/; best /primarystressbest/
1 a : of a favorable character or tendency <good news> b : FERTILE 1 <good land> c : HANDSOME 3, attractive <good looks> d : AGREEABLE 1, pleasant <a good place to live> e : SUITABLE 1, fit <good to eat> <a remedy good for a cold> f : RELIABLE <a good friend in a pinch> g : 1SOUND 1a <one good arm>
2 a : certain to last or live <good for another year> b : certain to provide or produce <always good for a laugh>
3 a : of a noticeably large size or quantity <present in good numbers> b : 1FULL 2a <waited a good hour>
4 a : based on sound reasoning, information, judgment, or grounds <good reasons> b : 1TRUE 2 <holds good for society as a whole> c : deserving of respect or honor <a member in good standing> d : legally valid <has a good title>
5 a : ADEQUATE 1, satisfactory <good care> b : conforming to a standard <good English> c : showing or favoring high quality <good taste>
6 a : VIRTUOUS, JUST <a good person> b : 1RIGHT 2 <good conduct> c : 2KIND 1, benevolent <good intentions> d : being of the upper class <of good family> e : SKILLFUL 1 <a good doctor> f : LOYAL 2 <a good party member>
- goodĚness noun
- as good as : in effect : VIRTUALLY <as good as dead>
- good and : 2VERY 1, entirely <was good and mad>

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