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Main Entry: gov·ern
Pronunciation: primarystressgschwav-schwarn
Function: verb
1 : to exercise authority over : RULE <the queen governed wisely>
2 : to control the speed of by automatic means
3 a : to control, direct, or strongly influence the actions and conduct of <governed by his emotions> b : to hold in check : RESTRAIN <our income governs our spending>
4 : to require a word to be in a certain case or mood <in English a transitive verb governs a pronoun in the objective case>
5 : to serve as a rule or law for <etiquette governing their behavior>
- gov·ern·able /-schwar-nschwa-bschwal/ adjective
synonyms GOVERN, RULE mean to use power or authority in controlling others. GOVERN suggests the aim of keeping something running smoothly for the good of both the individual and the whole group <governed the country wisely>. RULE stresses the laying down of laws and the giving of commands and often suggests the harsh use of power <the king ruled firmly and would not allow any disobedience>.

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